Anonymous said: i'm glad you had a good weekend my dear :) aaaahhhhhh nooooo the anxiety D: i know how you feel and i hope yours gets better :) my weekend was pretty good thanks :) actually did something for a change (crazy i know) haha. ew that whole being overwhelmed by uni sounds like if you had an apple and your really liked apples but when you bit into it you realised it was a tomato... weird analogy i know but you get the rough idea :P ew haha

Thankyou and yeah I know :( stupid uni ahah. Aw I’m very glad you got out and did something :) have a good time?



Anonymous said: good morning my dear :) how was your weekend? :D and how are things with you? :)

Hey :) my weekend was good thankyou, had a couple struggles with my anxiety but other than that it was good, how was your weekend? I’m okay, struggling with uni and starting to get overwhelmed but I’ll be okay, how are things with you? X


"what state do you live in?"

constant anxiety

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